Exciting New RecoSMA Treatment For Full Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Exciting New RecoSMA Treatment For Full Facial Skin Rejuvenation

New revolutionary laser technology presented at international conference: Facial rejuvenation with lifting of soft tissues in one procedure.

LINLINE Medical Systems recently attended ICMS, the 6th International Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery Symposium, in Goa, India, between 1st-3rd September 2017. ICMS is an opportunity for experts and specialists from all over the world to present & discuss the latest and most innovative advances in cosmetic surgery and medicine. The International Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery Symposium is held on behalf of The World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and The Society of Cosmetic Surgeons. It has now become “a must attend event” for all practitioners of cosmetic medicine. iscs.in

Dr Diego Aspillaga Maggi, Aesthetic Physician, delivered his presentation “Facial Rejuvenation with Lifting of Soft Tissues in one Procedure” using LINLINE’s unique RecoSMA® technology.

RecoSMA® is a non-invasive laser technique which simultaneously lifts the skin and underlying musculoaponeurotic layer which ensures the retention of soft tissues from sagging. The procedure completely restores all skin structures damaged by extrinsic ageing mechanisms. The stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin is under the influence of the laser beam in the connective tissue of the muscleaponeurotic layer. It leads to enhanced elasticity of the connective tissue, dermis and the general augmentation of skin. Very little discomfort is one of the advantages of this method. It does not require anesthetics even when treating very sensitive parts of the body such as an upper eyelid. There is no risk of altering the natural pigmentation of the skin providing an effective tool against age-related hyperpigmentation. There are no restrictions on sun exposure, and the recovery period is generally only 3-4 days.

Dr Aspillaga said about the technology, "the fundamental aspects to achieve these results are to stimulate the epidermis with microabrasions and in a photomechanical way the deep layers of the dermis and SMAS. This is a safe method and reduces the production of fibrosis to achieve the best results".

Until recently, the ptosis of face tissues caused by SMAS elasticity reduction could not be treated with existing laser methods due to their insufficient depth of impact – up to 1.5 mm. However, RecoSMA® produces an effect at the depth of up to 6 mm that makes possible significant changes at the SMAS level. It is a method using an Er:YAG (2936 nm) laser equipped with the unique SMA (Spatially Modulated Ablation) module. The RecoSMA® concept is mechanical cell destruction in the dermis and SMAS by acoustic waves and is a non-thermal and non-fractional method.


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