Another side of lasers

The laser is the most precise and most powerful tool given to us by nature. Lasers have been used in medicine for more than 50 years, and the sphere of their use expands with every passing year. However, in the mass consciousness, lasers are strongly associated only with their ability to cut and burn although this is far from all of which they are capable.

While developing the RecoSMA technology scientists employed a completely different method. They managed to transform laser energy into powerful mechanical waves which disrupt the membranes of individual cells at depths of up to several millimetres. The procedure is painless, and the patient might feel only minimal discomfort. RecoSMA is a non-thermal technique. The skin is not injured and doesn’t lose its protective function.

The method allows to not only erase wrinkles, but to remove scars of various origin (including stretch marks and acne) and to facilitate pronounced lifting of aged skin. Probably RecoSMA is a trigger for our body to reconstruct new tissue according to the “memory” stored in our DNA - with no sign of ageing or damage.

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Another side of lasers


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